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The Top Digital Marketing Companies in 2023

digital marketing companies

Digital marketing is rapidly outpacing and, in many instances, replacing traditional marketing methods. As our society increasingly becomes more digital, marketers are obliged to focus their efforts and campaigns where they can reach the widest audience. In addition, today’s companies are adapting and evolving, offering more goods and services to the online community, so it makes sense for marketing to tag along for the ride.

Although many organizations have an in-house marketing department, there is a thriving digital marketing agency industry featuring many digital marketing companies dedicated exclusively to helping clients with their marketing needs.

This article explores the world of online marketing companies, including a list of the top digital advertising companies for 2023. We will also discuss digital marketing strategies, digital marketing campaigns, and a list of digital marketing guidelines that most digital marketing companies follow.

So, before we dive into the list of popular online marketing companies, let’s dig into digital marketing itself.

What Do We Mean by a Digital Marketing Strategy?

A digital marketing strategy is defined as a marketing plan that helps organizations such as online marketing companies meet specific goals by employing carefully chosen marketing channels such as social media, organic searches, paid ads, SEO, and other web-based media (e.g., websites).

Digital marketing strategies typically include:

1) Market analysis

2) Marketing approach

3) Brand awareness or product information

4) Establishing a KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

And here are the five mandatory components needed to create an effective digital marketing strategy and obtain great results.

1) Set a marketing-related goal

2) Understand the target audience

3) Develop and identify an ideal customer profile (ICP) and buyer personas

4) Choose the most effective marketing channels and buying stages

5) Get the message right

As we are about to see, there’s a difference between a digital marketing strategy and a digital marketing campaign, and something that professionals who work at digital advertising companies are keenly aware of.

Explaining Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing campaigns involve the execution of marketing strategies across every digital channel consumers engage with a brand. In addition, digital marketing companies typically employ campaigns to improve their conversion rate. Compared to digital marketing strategies, digital marketing campaigns are a smaller and more focused group of activities designed to promote specific goods or services. Here are the components of effective digital marketing campaigns.

1) Establishing a finite timeframe

2) Selecting marketing channels and goals and establishing a budget

3) Defining the scope of the campaign’s budget and its objectives

4) Incorporating robust visual and engagement mechanisms in the campaign

Now that we’ve found the difference between digital marketing strategies and digital marketing campaigns let’s examine the guidelines that digital marketing professionals typically follow, regardless of what industries they come from.

The Guidelines for Digital Marketing

Here’s a list of accepted digital marketing guidelines for digital marketing companies based on current market conditions. Of course, these parameters could change as time passes and new technologies and methodologies develop.

1) Use social networking sites (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) daily to reach new audiences.

2) Email is a very effective marketing element for expanding your business circle and keeping regular, consistent contact with your established customers via updates, promotions, and newsletters. Email is one of the oldest and most tried and true digital marketing methods, often used by an overwhelming number of online marketing companies.

3) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a vital part in the digital marketing process. A good SEO strategy ensures that people using search engines will notice your business better, which then helps increase the number of leads needed to grow your business.

4) Use microblogging sites like Twitter to increase product interaction with a vast audience. Let people give positive or negative feedback on your goods and services.

5) Video marketing is a hugely popular tool in the online marketing world. Make sure you choose an appropriate title tag, transcript, and SEO measures. These are small but necessary steps for implementing a successful video marketing campaign.

6) Attractive, eye-catching graphics and design can also be helpful for effectively presenting your products and services to the online market. Great visuals always attract customer attention.

7) Place advertisements of your products and services on social networking sites in such a way that they clearly explain your service. You will need to pay a slight amount to post your advertisements on social networking sites, but this expense will help attract interested parties to search for products or services like yours. This is a common practice for online advertising companies.

8) Blog posts with valuable and engaging information provide greater exposure and recognition in the online market. This content includes reviews, white papers, and testimonials.

Note: Check out these top digital marketing interview questions to help you prepare for your next job interview in the field.

Digital Marketing Companies You Want to Check Out in 2023

Here is a collection of the top ten most promising digital marketing companies for in the new year.

1) WebFX

Location: Harrisburg, PA

Focus/Services: SEO, PPC, web design, content marketing

Number of Employees: 250-999

About the Company: Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Harrisburg, PA, WebFX is a performance-focused agency with services intended to boost qualified leads, phone calls, and client transactions. The company has more than 250 digital marketing, development, and design experts who serve their customers through SEO, PPC, web design, and other services. They currently have partnerships with Bing, Facebook, Google, and Salesforce, among others.

2) SocialSEO

Location: Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder, CO; and a fourth office in Phoenix AZ

Focus/Services: SEO, PPC, and social media

Number of Employees: 50-249

About the Company: This digital marketing agency and its team of nearly 70 employees are dedicated to helping their clients rank higher in search engines and better market their brands. They helped clients improve their organic search results by redesigning and optimizing a new website, including adding research keywords and writing blog content.

3) SEO Discovery

Location: Mohali, Punjab, India

Focus/Services: Content marketing, custom digital marketing solutions, outreaching and influencer marketing, local and international SEO services, and paid marketing

Number of Employees: Over 400

About the Company: SEO Discovery is a full-service digital marketing solution specializing in SMO, SEO, PPC, link building, bad link removal strategy, and online reputation building, helping clients improve their online presence and performance. SEO Discovery provides services for either one-time projects or ongoing monthly campaigns.

4) PreApps

Location: Boston, MA

Focus/Services: App marketing and launching

Number of Employees: 10-49

About the Company: PreApps is the premier App Marketing Agency based in Boston, MA. Over the past decade, PreApps has helped over 3,200 app businesses launch and market their apps, achieving millions of downloads and strong sales. The company has also created and deployed multipronged marketing strategies to call attention to gaming apps for iOS, performing keyword research, and preparing graphics for gameplay. In addition, they have worked with high-profile apps such as Candy Crush, Netflix, and Security Master.

5) Search Engine People Inc.

Location: Pickering, Canada

Focus/Services: Content marketing, conversion optimization, SEO, PPC, and digital strategy services

Number of Employees: 50-249

About the Company: Founded in 2001, Search Engine People Inc. is a digital marketing company that works with small and larger-sized companies in many different industries, including business services, consumer products and services, and financial services.

6) Foreignerds, Inc.

Location: New Castle, DE

Focus/Services: Mobile app development, web development, and social media marketing

Number of Employees: 250-999

About the Company: This digital agency provides bespoke and innovative services and solutions for clients in advertising and IT situations. Foreignerds was founded in March 2013 as a digital agency providing great outsourcing solutions to businesses of all sizes, types, and national origin. They have helped businesses increase their bottom line by scaling up brand promotions, profits, and productivity. The company offers expertise in digital marketing, web and app development, software testing, and virtual staff augmentation.


Location: Los Angeles, CA

Focus/Services: SEO, pay-per-click, content marketing, advertising services

Number of Employees: 11-50

About the Company: WEBITMD is a leading digital content and marketing agency delivering effective lead-generating and revenue-oriented marketing strategies. The company specializes in digital marketing strategies and data-driven technology-based approaches. For more than a decade, WEBITMD has worked with hundreds of businesses in an impressive variety of industry verticals. Their clientele ranges from tech startups raising funds to Fortune 500 organizations looking for enterprise solutions.

8) Ignite Visibility

Location: San Diego, CA

Focus/Services: Digital marketing strategy, social media, SEO, paid media, email marketing, analytics, Amazon, and CRO

Number of Employees: 50-249

About the Company: Ignite Visibility has worked with many clients, including startups, handling tasks such as content marketing, pay-per-click, SEO, social media marketing, and other kinds of digital marketing. They are a four-time Inc. 5000 company (2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020) that provides a proprietary digital marketing forecasting system that enables clients to make their quarterly goals consistently.

9) Siege Media

Location: Austin, TX, and additional offices in San Diego and Los Angeles, CA

Focus/Services: Content marketing and SEO services

Number of Employees: 50-249

About the Company: Founded in 2012, Siege Media is a content marketing agency with a team of over 75 employees, providing content marketing and SEO services to their clients in the advertising and marketing, hospitality and leisure, and media industries. Siege Media provides its customers with the traffic, links, and rankings that promote exponential, sustained growth.

10) Lounge Lizard

Location: New York, NY, and offices in Washington DC, Nashville, TN, and suburban Long Island, NY

Focus/Services: SEO, pay-per-click, social media marketing

Number of Employees: 11-50

About the Company: We end our list with a trip to the Big Apple. Lounge Lizard combines an industry-leading design with intelligent brand and marketing strategies. The company comprises web designers who create websites for marketing strategies that help clients engage, acquire, and retain customers, growing their businesses.

So, if any of these digital marketing companies sound like cool places to work and you want to see if they have a position that suits you, you need to plan and make sure your skills are at their best. Then, for best results, consider gaining certification in digital marketing. Once you do this, apply to a handful of digital advertising companies and see what happens.

Are You Interested in Digital Marketing Certification?

So you’re either a digital marketing professional who wants to upskill or someone who needs more experience in digital marketing and wants to change that. UMass Amherst’s Isenberg School of Management offers a six-month bootcamp that lets you earn a valuable digital marketing certification, perfect for taking on the challenge of today’s digital marketing. In addition, the bootcamp shows you how to put together an effective, creative digital marketing campaign designed to boost customer engagement and attract new customers to your business.

Once you finish the digital marketing training program, you will earn your certificate from UMass Amherst and Simplilearn, and membership in the prestigious UMass Amherst Alumni Association.

According to Indeed.com, digital marketers in the United States make an average annual salary of $60,434. The typical digital marketing professional’s salary ranges from $36,313 minimum to $100,579 maximum. However, remember that these salary ranges aren’t exact or immutable; they are subject to factors like the company hiring, employee experience, skill level, and supply and demand in the city’s job market.

Digital marketing is how today’s companies reach new audiences and retain existing customers. If you want a fulfilling career in marketing in 2023 and secure a good position in an online marketing company, you must master vital digital marketing skills. Sign up for the digital bootcamp today!

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