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John Terra

John Terra is a professional blogger residing in Nashua, New Hampshire. A seasoned writer who has been writing freelance since 1986, Terra's body of work cuts across technology and related domains, primarily gaming. He has also written articles for Computer Shopper and Inc.Magazine, as well as ZDNet.

Blogs by This Author

Importance of UI UX in Web Design

The Importance of UI UX in Web Design

This article discusses the importance of UI and the importance of UX. It covers the differences between UI and UX, what makes a good UI/UX design, and other valuable strategies.

Six Sigma Books

Six Sigma Books Worth Reading

This article highlights some of the best Six Sigma books available today and offers tips for Six Sigma preparation.

ux ui design trends

UI/UX Design Trends for 2024

This article covers this year’s UI/UX design trends separately and together. The article also speculates what UX/UI design trends could be popular next year.

What is UX UI Design

What is UX UI Design? A Beginner’s Guide

This article explores what UX/UI design is, including defining it, highlighting the differences between UI and UX, what UX/UI designers do, and what skills they need.

what is quality control

What is Quality Control? A Beginners Guide

This article answers the question, “Quality control, what is it?” including defining the term, listing the types of quality control, its importance and roles, and how it differs from quality assurance.