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dmaic model

How to Use the DMAIC Model?

Today’s forward-thinking businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve. That’s a prudent strategy, given our current commercial atmosphere of increased competition and economic uncertainty. Only companies that evolve and quickly solve problems will flourish and last. The DMAIC model is a valuable resource that helps businesses improve performance while

central limit theorem

Central Limit Theorem Explained

Statistics is a fascinating field, and if you’re familiar with Lean Six Sigma, you may have encountered the phrase “central limit theorem.” This article tackles the subject of the central limit theorem, what it is, why it’s important, its properties, and other valuable information. So, for the uninitiated, let’s define

project charter six sigma

What Are the Elements of a Six Sigma Project Charter?

Projects are the best way for organizations to meet goals and get work done. But projects need parameters and guidelines, or else things can get overlooked or delayed, resulting in project failure and eventually hurting the organization. Many professionals turn to Six Sigma to improve their business processes, and the

six sigma calculator

How Do You Use a Six Sigma Calculator?

Many tools and resources are available for organizations that want to improve and enhance their productivity. For example, six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma are designed to help companies deal with defects and improve their processes. This article focuses on the Six Sigma calculator and how it relates to the

5s lean six sigma

What Are the 5s in Lean Six Sigma?

Organizations today look for the best ways to stay competitive in an increasingly challenging environment. This desire has given rise to tools and methodologies such as Six Sigma to help reduce waste, improve productivity, and increase customer satisfaction. This article focuses on the 5S principle of workplace organization. Although the

six sigma certification cost

Demystifying Six Sigma Certification Costs: Green, Black, White, and Yellow Belts

It’s a challenging world for businesses today. Between the continuous introduction of disruptive technologies, post-pandemic recovery efforts, possible global recession, and a variety of socio-political uncertainties, it can be difficult for a company to survive, let alone prosper. As a result, competition is tough, and people are less willing to

Six Sigma Black Belt Salary

Six Sigma Black Belt Salaries — Everything You Need to Know!

Businesses that want to remain successful and competitive should constantly look for ways to improve their processes. Many organizations turn to Six Sigma to help achieve this goal. Six Sigma is a disciplined and defined set of management techniques designed to increase customer satisfaction and profitability by improving quality, streamlining

Six Sigma Tools

Learning All About the Top Powerful Six Sigma Tools

Six Sigma is a data-driven project management methodology that employs a five-step process to address outstanding organizational issues, ultimately relying on statistical analysis to minimize defects and product variations. But every process needs tools. Moreover, every process requires the right tools. And sometimes, the choices can be overwhelming. You’ve undoubtedly

Lean Six Sigma Principles

Lean Six Sigma Principles You Should Immediately Adopt

Businesses today must ensure that they are operating efficiently while simultaneously increasing and maintaining customer satisfaction. It’s a challenging commercial environment, with global inflation causing people to be more careful with how they spend their money. It’s safe to say that today’s enterprises have a smaller margin for error than

Lean six sigma belts

How Lean Six Sigma Belts Can Increase Your Value and Salary

Earning a Lean Six Sigma belt not only conveys your project management talents but also helps put your career on a fast track. Many top companies use Six Sigma principles to refine their business processes, which in turn helps them attain higher sales and greater customer satisfaction. Employees skilled in