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requirements traceability matrix

What’s a Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM), and How Do You Create It?

How often has a project failed because the people involved needed a better understanding of what was required? Inadequate or inaccurate communication can cause considerable damage to vital projects, setting a company’s business plan back and causing it to fall behind the competition. And the solution has to be more

project management principles

13 Key Project Management Principles and How to Use Them

There’s much to do in today’s fast-paced, competitive business world. Smart people break up their workload into a series of projects, which allows them to organize the work and make it more manageable. But more than splitting the workload into projects is needed. After all, you need professionals to oversee

project management phases

Project Management Phases: A Full Breakdown

Most companies today launch projects to get things done in an organized and timely manner. But are you aware of a set of commonly accepted project management phases? Project management is a widely recognized and respected discipline, making tackling issues, deadlines, and organizational changes easier. Many projects that begin with

project management plan

How To Develop a Great Project Management Plan in 2023

Have you ever heard this buzz phrase typically favored among motivational speakers, “People don’t plan to fail; they fail to plan!”? But, as many times as it’s been hauled out in front of audiences at seminars, TED talks, and rallies, it contains an underlying truth: a good plan increases the

capm certification

How Do You Get Your CAPM® Certification?

People and organizations get things done by engaging in projects. Projects are defined as temporary efforts that create value and get results through unique processes, services, and products. Projects have timelines, teams, expectations, budgets, and phases, known as a lifecycle. Projects need someone to lead the team, resolve issues, and

agile project management

What is Agile Project Management? A Complete Guide

It’s no secret that the most effective way to tackle an overwhelmingly huge task is to break it down into smaller tasks. Maybe you’re familiar with that old riddle, “How do you eat an elephant? One spoonful at a time!” Fortunately, no one here advocates eating elephants; instead, we’re talking

pmp requirements

PMP Requirements and Eligibility for Certification in 2023

A competent project manager can make the difference between a project’s success and failure. But what constitutes a good project manager, and how do you verify their credentials? Is there any standard? That’s why today’s commercial sector has created the designation of Project Management Professional (PMP®) and devised a professional

project manager job description

Project Manager Job Description: Jobs, Salaries, and More

Companies get things done by setting up projects designed to meet customer needs, streamline operations, accommodate stakeholders’ requests, increase cost-effectiveness, or improve the organization and help it grow. That’s great, but it takes more than creating a project, setting timelines and goals, and posting a deadline. Organizations need someone to

become a project manager

Career Advice: How to Become a Project Manager

Becoming a project manager is a role a worker can either seek out, grow into or inherit. They can apply for and win the job, gain practical workplace experience, receive formal training, or upskill and earn a project management certification.  Why Become a Project Manager? Project managers have a flair

project management interview questions

The Top 24 Project Management Interview Questions for 22-23

Although it’s still a job seeker’s market out there, there’s no question that job interviews remain a stressful undertaking. After all, just because there are many open positions today doesn’t mean a candidate can just breeze through the interview process unchallenged. There’s always someone out there who’s better, more qualified,