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What is UX UI Design

What is UX UI Design? A Beginner’s Guide

This article explores what UX/UI design is, including defining it, highlighting the differences between UI and UX, what UX/UI designers do, and what skills they need.

UX Researcher Salary

UX Researcher Salary: A Definitive Guide

UX jobs are plentiful in today’s digital world, and there are many types. This article focuses on the research side of things, mainly what a UX researcher’s salary looks like

How to Improve the UI UX of a Website

Tips on How to Improve the UI/UX of a Website

Today’s online users are pretty savvy. They also expect a seamless digital experience when interacting with your website. Check out this guide to learn how to improve the UI/UX of a website to meet users’ demands.

difference between UI and UX

What’s the Difference Between UI and UX?

UI and UX design are often considered the same. But there are nuances that distinguish them. This article will give you a clear understanding of the difference between UI and UX design.