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UX Researcher Salary in 2024: Here’s How Experienced & Entry-Level UX Researchers Earn

UX Researcher Salary

In today’s technologically immersed world, more and more businesses are working to create digital products and services that effectively meet user needs. As a result, job opportunities related to user experience (UX) are popping up left and right — including lucrative UX researcher roles.

Whether you’re already working in the UX field or considering transitioning to a new career as a UX researcher through online training, you’re in the right place! After a review of what the UX researcher does, we take a deep dive into the role’s salary through a few different lenses. Whether you’re curious about salaries based on experience, location, or skill set, this UX researcher salary guide has all the answers.

The UX Researcher’s Role

To create exceptional digital user experiences, product development teams systematically move through the UI/UX design process. UX researchers are typically involved in the very early stages of UX design and thus play a fundamental role in the guiding and success of subsequent UX efforts and activities.

UX research helps the entire team formulate a deep understanding of target users to ensure a digital product fulfills their expectations. This involves gathering information to identify user needs, understand user pain points, and recognize user behaviors and preferences.

But how do UX researchers accomplish this?

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UX Research Methods

There are several approaches UX researchers can take to understand target users, including:

  • Conduct user interviews
  • Form focus groups
  • Issue user surveys
  • Perform user testing
  • Review data analytics
  • Examine mouse mapping
  • Conduct card sorting
  • Gather diary studies

UX Researcher Salaries in the U.S.

There are a variety of details that can influence a UX researcher’s annual salary. Below, you can find base pay salary estimates for 2024 in light of certain factors.

Average Salary of a UX Researcher

The average salary for UX researchers in the United States is $96,198. UX researcher salaries generally range between $92,000 and $146,000 a year.

UX Researcher Salary Based on Work Experience

As you might expect, UX researchers with more field experience make more money than those with less work experience. However, as you can see in the table below, you don’t have to daydream about earning a senior UX researcher salary one day. Even entry-level UX researcher salaries in 2024pay well.

Experience LevelYears of ExperienceTypical Salary RangeAverage Salary
Entry-level0–1 years$66,000–$101,000$71,050
Associate1–3 years$78,000–$118,000$82,112
Intermediate4–6 years$87,000–$132,000$91,002
Mid-level7–9 years$94,000–$144,000$96,788
Senior-level10–14 years$102,000–$159,000$104,174
Executive/Chief15+ years$108,000–$172,000$110,034

UX Researcher Salary Based on Skill Set

Aside from work experience, having select skills can be an extremely valuable asset in today’s agile and cross-functional workplace. Below is a list of 2024’s three most essential skills that can positively impact your UX researcher salary.

  • Design
  • Statistical analysis
  • Strategy

Pro Tip: You can gain new or improve your existing skills by taking an online UX course.

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Salary Based on Industry

Today, most companies have a digital presence or product involving a user experience. As a result, most companies need to employ UX researchers. However, businesses within specific industries often pay more than others. Below are the highest-paying industries with UX research jobs in 2024.

Please note that the numbers represent a UX researcher’s average total salary rather than a UX researcher’s average base pay salary, like the other tables in this guide.

IndustryAverage Total Salary

(Rounded to Nearest Thousand)

Information Technology$161,000
Financial Services$138,000
Real Estate$114,000
Media & Communication$112,000

UX Researcher Salary Based on Employer

It’s no secret that some employers pay their workers better than others. The table below shows some U.S. companies paying UX researchers substantial salaries in 2024. For your convenience, we’ve organized the table so that the company with the highest average salary is listed first, and the company with the lowest average salary is listed last.

CompanyTypical Salary RangeAverage Salary
Capital One$86,000–$134,000$107,201

UX Researcher Salaries Outside of the U.S.

What if you’re curious about UX researcher salaries but don’t live in the U.S.? You can find UX researcher salary information from PayScale for various countries below. We’ve got you covered! And for those in the U.S. but curious about how the numbers compare, we’ve included each country’s salary in USD.

CountryTypical Salary Range

(in National Currency)

Average Salary

(in National Currency)

Typical Salary Range

(in United States Dollars)

Average Salary

(in United States Dollars)

CanadaC$50,000 – $C$100,000C$73,180$37,896.25 – $75,792.50$55,461.29
India₹321,000 – ₹2,000,000₹889,885$3,911.37 – $24,369.88$10,846.43
United Kingdom£25,000 – £70,000£39,186$32,679.38 – $91,502.25$51,222.96
AustraliaAU$61,000 – AU$133,000AU$99,998$41,500.13 – $90,483.89$68,031.64
SingaporeS$36,000 – S$103,000S$54,011$27,199.06 – $77,819.54$40,806.90
South AfricaR210,000 – R480,000R282,000$11,569.92 – $26,445.54$15,536.75

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Salaries of Other UX Jobs in the U.S.

As we mentioned, it takes a whole team to create exceptional user experiences. So what does a user experience salary look like for other UX jobs?

In the table below, you can see salary information for various UX roles in the U.S. and how it compares to the average salary of a UX researcher.

Job RoleTypical Salary RangeAverage Salary
UX Researcher$92,000–$146,000$96,198
UX Designer$87,000–$135,000$108,284
UI Designer$77,000–$116,000$88,870
Product Designer$74,000–$114,000$86,236
Visual Designer$68,000–$105,000$79,779
Content Strategist$57,000–$95,000$68,650
Information Architect$133,000–$220,000$128,870
Product Manager$114,000–$191,000$111,213
Project Manager$75,000–$126,000$89,064

Increasing Your UX Researcher Salary

Whether you’re just starting out and getting your first UX researcher job offer or you’ve already put in some time working, we all want the same thing: a competitive salary!

The only problem is that negotiating higher wages can feel so daunting that many people accept a job offer’s pay for what it is.

Or, say you’ve worked in your UX researcher role for a while. Everyone likes a raise, right? Yet just as we mentioned above, many people would rather keep their current salary than initiate a discussion about receiving a compensation boost.

But we both know that you’re worth more! Review the tips below carefully, and you’ll feel prepared and confident initiating a higher UX researcher salary in no time.

Do Your Research

Before you even bring up the idea of increasing your salary, it’s crucial you do some preliminary market research. Consider the items in the list below to help understand what a reasonable UX researcher’s salary might look like for your circumstances.

  • The overall average salary for UX researchers
  • The average UX researcher salary in your industry
  • The average salary for UX researchers in your area
  • The average salary for UX researchers with your level of work experience

Remember, just like in the role of UX researcher, conducting thorough research is essential to achieve successful results.

Prepare Your Spiel

Relax; this doesn’t mean you must make a showy presentation with handouts! It just means you must feel ready and know what you want to say when you enter this conversation. We’ve outlined some helpful tips for you to look over below.

  • Dress professionally in clothes you feel comfortable and confident in
  • Present a positive, open, and flexible attitude
  • Be ready to promote yourself
    • Ensure you’re ready to highlight your most valuable skills, experience, and successes
    • Be conscious of your language and how you speak. Being humble about your value is important, so avoid showing off
  • Be sure you’re up to date with your work and not behind on anything before discussing compensation

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As more and more of our day-to-day lives utilize technology, the digital user experience continues to rise in prevalence. As a result, it’s become quite lucrative to work in UX research.

But as we all know, we could always be making more money! Do you want to know how to increase your value as a UX researcher and achieve a higher salary?

Continuous learning! Employers will get some insight into your dedication as a worker by consistently sharing your efforts to upskill and stay current in UX research.

Remember, UX research is only one part of UX. By earning a certification in UI UX Design, you’ll help expand your understanding of design thinking, user-centered techniques, persona mapping, prototyping skills, and more.

If you really want to blow an employer away with your commitment to your career, sign up for a UI UX Bootcamp. In as little as 20 weeks, you can gain expertise in UI UX design. Talk about compensation leverage!

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